Customer Service Hours:
Monday - Thursday : 8:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M. (E.S.T)
Friday : 8:00 A.M - 3:00 P.M. (E.S.T)

You can also find a local service center by going to our Dealer Locator page and enter your postal code.

Bison Coach products are distributed and serviced by a National Dealer Network that stretches from coast to coast, with a full offering of horse trailers including living quarters in various sizes and models. The company is unsurpassed in providing the total package for their customers to enjoy their equine experiences. AND, at a price they can afford.

While other horse trailer manufacturers may construct the “box” of their unit, most have to ship their trailer, often states away, to have a separate company construct and install the living quarters. The extra mileage and contracted work on these trailers results in tens of thousands of extra cost to consumers. In addition, that method of building horse trailers results in different warranty plans for different areas of the coach. That requires consumers to work through two different companies to resolve warranty issues when they occur. At Bison Coach, each and every horse trailer is constructed entirely in our own state-of-the-art production facility, including the living quarters. The result is not only a better built coach, but tens of thousands of dollars in savings for our customers!